Motivation Station

Right now, I’m super motivated to make things happen.  I’m writing a blog post every single day. I’m creating a new workshop with a conscious uncoupling coach that you are going to LOVE. I’m working on a book and a store for SoulFed.  It’s just all happening! So I figured, while I’m on this train, I’d write a blog about motivation. Let’s talk about what it is, how to get some, and how to keep it going 🚃 As I’ve said before, a lot of times when I write these blogs I’m learning as well..So what are we waiting for?  I want to pump 👏 you up!


We all know what motivation is. It’s that feeling you get. That spark that warms your whole body. You feel great. On top of the world, even. You are going to get everything done and checked off your list. You’re a machine.The way you’re going, you’ll probably be world leader by next Thursday. Sound familiar?

But then, all of a sudden, that motivation wanes. You don’t feel good. Or you’re feeling depressed. You think to yourself, ‘I just need a little break. I’ll get back to it again tomorrow.’ But months go by and that new hobby you wanted to learn is collecting dust in the corner or worse, you watch your dreams deteriorate and you can’t figure out why you have that empty sinking feeling in your chest.

Why is that? Why doesn’t it last for some? Why do others succeed? Glad you asked.


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Purpose is key

Here are five key factors that affect our decisions about what we do with our lives:

1) Our past experiences

2) Our level of awareness

3) Our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us

4) Our emotions

5) Our moods

Personally, I think emotion is at the core of all of those steps. There are always exceptions, but, when you have purpose. You feel excited to wake up every morning. And when you get excited you feel good. And when you feel good, you get things done. On the other end of that spectrum when we feel not good enough. When we feel small and insignificant. This is not a nourishing place to be to achieve your goals. Of course, this is strictly my opinion. And I’m not a doctor (even though I probably should be).

So that is the key to getting things done. Defining our purpose. Once we have purpose and we start feeling inspired then BOOM! Magic happens! I know what you’re thinking. If it were that easy we’d all be meeting our goals every day. Everyone would be happy and fulfilled and the world would be a better place. But that just aint the world we live in, kid. 

Let’s dip a toe in that lake, shall we?

Jumpstart your heart.

Emotions are a funny thing, aren’t they? They come in out of nowhere. And they can ascend us straight to heaven or down into the deepest bowels of hell (and hell’s got some pretty deep bowels). They can make us feel invincible or they can shatter us into a thousand pieces. It all depends on the moment. It is a beautiful thing to feel emotions. We are human. And we have been put on this earth (whatever you believe - either by accident or on purpose) to explore our senses. How amazing to feel, hear, taste, see and smell. The problem comes when we let these senses take over and control us.

When we overeat we create health problems.

If we constantly listen to loud music, we’re probably going to lose our hearing one day. (I sound like my mother) 

But you get the point I’m making here. There are times when you are not going to feel up to it. That’s the deal for everyone. I’m sure there were times when Davinci was frustrated and couldn’t break through his blocks. But that didn't stop him from being a polymath.


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Body language matters.

Ok, so power posing is a thing. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. Although controversial, research is confirming the effects are real. Basically, you stand in strong, powerful poses. You take up space. Stretch your arms out. This will get your blood pumping and your brain executing plans.

In the book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges,” Amy Cuddy discusses how the ability to stand in a confident pose can improve confidence. The author also brings up how this can benefit teams when it comes to motivation.

In her experiments, Cuddy found that when people adopt a stance that suggests they have power over something (such as their body), they experience a boost in confidence, making them more likely to take risks and be successful. In one study, she had participants do two things: either adopt an open posture (sitting with their arms wide open) or adopt a closed posture (sitting with their arms folded across their chest). The results were striking: People who adopted an open posture were more likely to have creative ideas than those who adopted a closed posture.

Who’s in your posse matters.

Motivation is a funny thing. And it's not just about working out or obtaining huge amounts of wealth. Motivation for so many people has nothing at all to do with the gym related 6 pack or the bank account that’s making it rain.. No, it has everything to do with their relationships with other people—whether they are those who work out with them and push them to be the best they can be, or their family members who love them no matter what. Or maybe people told you you can’t do it your whole life. Maybe that sparks your motivation to prove them wrong.

Your family. Your frenemies. Your spouse. They are the reason we work out, spend our hard-earned money, and lace up our boots. It’s part of the human condition, and humans are social creatures. When we feel as though we're part of something bigger than ourselves, when we feel loved by those around us, that is what drives us to succeed. 

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In the end, it’s always been you.

Ultimately you are the only person that can give you what you want. We can say we didn’t have support. We can keep letting our limiting beliefs and emotions rule our life. But, ultimately, no one can get you where you need to go or tell you how to get there. This is your life. The path is in front of you. Embrace it.  Do all you can. I don’t know what’s on the other side of this life, I’ll be honest. But I’ll be damned if I’m not going to squeeze every last drop out of it.