Are Bullet Journals the Next Big Thing?

 Ok, I’m going to be honest here… My friend JUST told me about bullet journals (my apologies if I’ve been living under a rock)  the other day and, since then, I have been in a bullet journal (aka BuJo for short) google hole since. What disposing deity descended from the heavens to bring humans this systematic gift? Anything that promises to step in and organize not only the hurricane of thoughts that are perpetually swirling through my mind but my goals as well? Of which there are plenty. I'm totally in!

You gotta understand something about me. I’ve been a lot of things in this lifetime. A comedy mc, a reality tv actress, an editor, a producer, and NOW a company owner and a blogger. As you can see, I like to do a lot of things but let’s just say that sometimes I can be a bit disorganized. Some may even call me a bit of a dreamer. Journals, organizers, planners, and everything in between, have always fascinated me. So, of course, I had to check out this budding starlet taking the internet by storm! Let’s get going with the fundamentals first!


What is a Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journaling is a system that uses a notebook, pen and ruler to help people organize their daily lives. The concept was created by Ryder Carroll, who developed it as a way to cope with the stress of starting his own business. (That sounds familiar)

It’s a  planner (love it)  that you can use to plan out all of your days, weeks, months and even years. You can use it as a place where you can write down your goals and aspirations, things you want to do, places you want to visit, etc. It’s not just about writing down what happened in the past — it’s about planning for the future too!

The best part about bullet journals (at least for me)  is that there are no rules when it comes to how you use them! You can do whatever works best for you! The only rule is that there aren’t any rules! If you’re the type of person that needs constant structure, this may not be as favorable a factor for you.

Bullet journals started seeing some growth as students and teachers would use it to organize their notes and soon caught on like wildfire and are now extremely popular with adults who want an easy way to organize their lives.


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Homemade v Store Bought

Now, I’m not here to make trouble. I get it. When I type ‘bullet journal homemade or store bought’ into google a plethora of headlines on how to make your own fill my screen. I think a homemade BuJo is great in so many ways. But, let’s face it, it's time-consuming to make. Not to mention complicated.

I was watching one video on how to make your own BuJo, and it called for an ice pick and some other equipment I knew would probably hurt me if I even tried to use them.  So, making them is great! You get to personalize it and make it completely customized to your personality and preferences.

However, that’s not for everyone. A store-bought bullet journal (SBBJ) offers an array of pros and cons as well.  The SBBJ comes already made for you. No losing a finger to make a planner for this girl! Nope, not today.  Also this means that structure (of sorts) has already been implemented into the journal for you. Again, a wonderful thing for people who favor structure.

For me, I like making improvements and infusing it with a personal touch so that would be out of the question. Not to mention, buying the BuJo is great but can get expensive. What if you go through 6 of them in a year? That’s going to cost you one or two Benjamins.


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In Conclusion...

Whether it’s store-bought, digitally downloaded, or a homemade bullet journal- one thing is clear; there are many different ways to set up your journal and every person has their own method that works best for them. The most common way is with one page per day, but there are also people who prefer three pages per day or even more!


Bullet journals are a "notebook with a system" that lets you get all your thoughts down in one place, so you can brainstorm and make lists. The bullet journal helps you take the mess out of your mind, so that you can see things more clearly. It'll get you organized, but it doesn't force you into any kind of structure. It's not meant to be perfect or idealistic — it's just meant to help you get things done. Ooooh bullet journal, I love it when you talk dirty to me. I cannot wait to try this out!

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