The Power of Gut.

Becoming more comfortable using our second brain.

Picture one of these scenarios - You’ve just been hired for your dream job or you are going on a dream date OR let's say you're buying that dream house. You know the one that you used to pretend you had when you were a kid playing at this adult life. Everything seems amazing, but you can’t just help feeling like something is off. It's just gnawing at your gut. Even though things are perfect; or at least, you want to believe things are perfect, you just can't shake it. Instinct is one of the most powerful things present in our bodies. It can be very difficult not only to override human instincts but to define them.  We often find ourselves doing things automatically without thinking. At SoulFed, we are always excited to explore the unknown. So let's dive right in!


The Science.

You know, at SoulFed, we are always looking to find the science that backs our exercises and workshops. And this blog on gut feeling is no different.  Can you measure something as intangible as a gut feeling in the physical realm? According to science, the answer is yes.  Research out of Flinders University  found that our gut feelings happen when a network of neurons near your gut fire off signals to neurons close to your spinal cord and brain. Connecting the big brain to the second brain (something the gut is often called), they transmit information your body has stored through your experiences. Things you may not even remember.


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Should I listen to my gut?

The short answer is ‘Sometimes, Yes.’ The best thing to do is to find that sweet spot between your intuition and logic. If your gut is telling you something, absolutely, hear it out. But then ask yourself; ‘What do I know to be true of this situation?’ and ‘What am I feeling in this situation?’ Then,  weigh those answers against ‘What is my inner voice telling me about this situation?’ That may seem like a lot of questions but becoming curious about yourself and how you perceive things is the best way to heighten your intuition.

Becoming more in tune with your intuition.

Like I said, the best way to sharpen your intuition is to become familiar with yourself.  How do you do that? Here are a few ways:

  • Unplug. Get off of your phone for a couple of hours a day if you can.

  • Meditate. This one is good for so many reasons. At SoulFed we love using meditation not only to feel comfortable in our bodies but also to make us aware of the thoughts that we have and how they limit us.

  • Practice good gut hygiene. Drink less. Cut back on the sugars and preservatives. Eat whole foods and foods rich in probiotics. Drink lots of water.

  • Get outside regurlarly.  Being in nature is such an important part of connecting within. Try to get to a local park or beach if you can.

  • Exercise. Exercise creates a flood of endorphins to run loose in your body, while helping you detoxify.  Even just 2o minutes a day.  Shake it out!!!


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In Conclusion...

Granted, intuition can be hard to define because it's such a vague topic. Some people might say that it's just a "gut feeling". However, scientific research in psychology and neuroscience have shown that intuition may have something to do with how information from past experiences stored in our neutrons help us make decisions on an unconscious level. So while you're probably not going to be predicting future lotto numbers, studying up on this aspect of your little brain can help you better understand the power within yourself.

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